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Men Maa Aim Ra (pronounced Men Ma-aw A-ing Raw) was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. His name means: "One who is awaken by the light of reason and faithfully, steadfastly implements Divine Law at the crossroads." Men Maa Aim Ra's writing attempts to fill a void with a spirit and a message that are firmly supported by the strength of the universal consciousness. To this end, Men Maa Aim Ra has committed himself to using his faculty of receptivity to translate, transform, and transmit new ideas through the medium of the written word. Men Maa Aim Ra is about the mission of reprogramming the spirit. He understands that the masses are subconsciously given systematic programs to accept, adopt, and live out. These programs contain ideas that are designed to perpetuate the condition of self-enslavement. Men Maa Aim Ra strives to install a new program that will initiate freedom.

Men Maa Aim Ra's poems have been recorded and reviewed in various publications. His poetry has been featured in When Words Became Flesh: An Anthology of New Generation Poetry, published by Mwaza Publications, and he was co-editor for an anthology entitled Octopus Dreams (2006). Men Maa Aim Ra has won numerous poetry competitions including Maryland's largest literary festival--Artscape 2000 and 2002 poetry slam, AFRAM  2000, and The Great Blacks in Wax 2001 and 2004 Black History Month poetry slam. He was also a member of the 2002 Poetology Slam Team. Men Maa Aim Ra has appeared on C-SPAN television, XM Radio, and has read his poems in schools, in prisons, and at various poetry venues and bookstores throughout the United States and Africa.

Paut Neteru: Company of the Gods, Men Maa Aim Ra's first full volume of poetry, is an unflinching attempt to show the reader how to use the medium of contemporary arts and entertainment to move humanity forward in its development instead of moving the recipients of media messages toward psychological bondage.  In his foreword to Paut Neteru: Company of the Gods, renowned author Dr. Molefi Kete Asante wrote of Men Maa Aim Ra, “…he is a brave and courageous warrior-poet, a lover-warrior embracing his people and their desires, ambitions, and wishes in the caresses of tantalizing language that speaks the power of ancient ones.  We are in the presence of a great poet when we open this book.” Men Maa Aim Ra is currently working on his second collection of poetry, a novel, and a children's book. 

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